The Way of a Seer~Magical Manifestations

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The Way of a Seer~Magical Manifestations


So, you had a reading and you didn’t know if you actually understood it. Yes, a relationship is coming, but when? My job is changing, but how? More money in my life, Where is it?

To understand the world from which the psychic pulls information off the universal timeline, you must first understand that it is you that has control over your life. You can manifest the possibilities now or in the near future, or you can hold the future in abeyance by never clearly defining your intent. Or by not clearing out the old negative relationships, jobs, and patterns that keep us stuck.

There are no but’s to getting what you want. I want a relationship, but . . . I want a new job, but . . . . Sometimes we cannot declare the parameters of the things we so desperately want in precise detail. Focus on what you really desire.

I want to share a few thoughts with you as you walk your spiritual path. A “reading” is a glimpse of what your life can be and how you can attain not only the worldly illusions of success so powerful in our culture but achieve the serenity of letting go of worldly wants. These concepts need not be mutually exclusive.

Why are we not always told the outcome of our most pressing issues? The answer is simple. You can go to a plethora of “readers” and they can all see the same thing in front of you but free will plays a part in the outcome and karma, that of our own, and of the others involved in our desire. In the end the answer is for you to decide as that is the journey that carries us towards enlightment. Your spiritual guides will not reveal to you an answer that will interfere with or is part of your lesson to be fulfilled. It is always interesting for me to see what a client is told and what is not told. Some clients are so in tune with their lessons that within a six or eight week period all that has been foretold will transpire.

Others will pine for their “soulmate: who has not arrived in their bed, or for the job that seems elusive or the move that is on hold. When this happens it is time to re-examine the Laws of the Universe and our intent. We have the ability through our thoughts to manifest what we want.

If one is on a spiritual path living in an Ashram but has moved to the Ashram so as not to pay delinquent taxes, and/or unpaid consumer debt then how does the person confront his or her truth and progress his soul? To quickly manifest all that is wished for one must seek out the positive truths about ourselves by confronting our shadow.

Or if the lover we seek is not into us and we push what is not meant to be and ignore the nice alternatives at our doorstep do we progress our soul? Or if we lust after someone who is already in a relationship, can we trust our intuition and determine if it is a karmic debt or is it Dharma or destiny which cannot be modified. As the Hindi Bhagawan Baba once said, we have no choice but to follow our Dharma, it is like our mother, we can choose a wife (or husband) but we cannot choose our mother. Only by going deep inside to confront our unresolved issues with family, past relationships, and self doubts can we know when to leave the relationship and when to pursue it.

Or are you married and unfaithful to your spouse but think that you are quite spiritual because the new person is a better person and on a spiritual journey and of course your spouse is not. Have you simply outgrown your spouse and want out of the marriage to pursue the dreams of your ego? What is the course of action? Maybe it is simply speaking your Truth.

These are generic examples taken from my real practice and my heart goes out to all who wallow in angst when the path is filled with assistance that can erase the agony of unfulfilled dreams.

A psychic healer does not do the work for you, nor give the outcome of all that you seek. Many answers are given to you for yourself and those around you but the core issues of your soul lesson will be dissected and discussed and what is revealed to you will be your next step to understanding the lesson.

If we open our hearts it is possible to fully reap the benefits of a greatly desired relationship, a new baby, a home of our own, good health, and all the other wishes that go up to heaven every day.

Maybe the lesson is to reveal oneself, each individual has specific lessons unlike their friends, it may be lessons dealing with trust, truth or love. In order to manifest all that we desire and all that has been foretold, it is necessary to clear out the debris of the past and commit to the lessons you have not confronted. By subduing the ego and turning inward all things will come to you and you can be all that you are.

Give your thought forms to the Light and you will see what ”Magical Manifestations” you can produce.


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