Lightrunner® Psychic Services

Psychic reading services: conducting in-person, telephone and video-calling pychic reading services. Psychic consulting services, namely, psychic readings for clients and mentoring to psychic practicioners. My services are by appointment only.  I  am available 11:00 am to 6:00 pm MST. Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time, except the Navajo Nation. Your one-hour in-person session can be recorded by you. You can make your in-person appointment by telephone or by sending me an e-mail at Long distance recordings can also be done by appointment without you being present. I can create a CD that will answer the questions you have forwarded to me by e-mail.

Fee –  Lightrunner®  Psychic Readings $200 per hour.

Sunday Salon with Susan

I facilitate a Sunday Salon based on current topics and people in the news. The current events and/ or person will be discussed from a metaphysical point of view including full participant input. I will give a short psychic analysis of the person or event and the floor will be open to discussion. All opinions will be honored. The name of the Salon Person will be announced in advance. It may be a politician, celebrity or local figure. We will not invade the individual’s privacy but seek to understand how and what lessons they are teaching the masses. We will make the assumption that since they are in the public domain by choice, they are open to intuitive scrutiny. This will be safe place to examine your own intuitive skills. The Sunday Salon is two hours long, requires pre-registration and is currently held in my home office in Gilbert, AZ.

 Fee – Sunday Salon with Susan (including refreshments) $45 Fee.


Lightrunner® Seminars and Workshops

Lightworkers are needed to assist the planet in raising its vibration and that of its occupants. My intention for these seminars and workshops is to inspire confidence in your psychic and intuitive abilities regardless of your current level of ability. My goal is to share my skills, techniques and knowledge with the participants so that we can all assist one another in raising our consciousness and that of the planet itself. I hope to illuminate the shadow of each participant and incite creativity within. Service and ethics will be the core issues of each student’s learning —from the art of giving to the need for confidentiality to honoring the truth of each person’s psychic information. The class will also address the spiritual emergencies one encounters on their soul journey.

Whether you are a beginner or have attained an advanced level of expertise, the focus of the seminar is for you, as an individual, to center on the “clarity” of the information you receive whether it is for you personally or you are reading for someone else. Using techniques I have acquired by doing thousands of readings over the years, I will assist you on the road to knowing yourself better and understanding those around you. Symbols, myth, archetypes and more will be examined in the context of your experiences. I will facilitate the seminar and encourage participants to present their skills and overcome any blocks they have encountered.

Fee – Lightrunners® Seminars and Workshops – Details to follow


Lightrunner® Mentoring for Mystics

I conduct seminars and provide private mentoring for psychics, healers, astrologers and energy workers. Individual mentoring sessions are held by phone or in person for six weeks, one hour per session.  The goal is to improve your skill set and gain enough confidence to display your gifts in public by doing “readings” or for enriching your own life. Group Mentoring Seminars will be held in the near future with dates and prices TBA.

Fee-Lightrunner® Mentoring for Mystics – Individual Mentoring is $875.00 U.S. for the six sessions and is paid in advance.


Dream Analysis

Dreams are my passion. I have worked with my own dreams for more than 30 years and can help you understand and integrate your dreams into your waking life. I have facilitated dream workshops at Terra Christa in Vienna, VA and studied dream interpretation with a dream group since my college days at the University of California, Berkeley.  I conduct a dream analysis in the following manner: the dreamer writes a sparse narrative in the present tense (1000 words maximum) of his or her dream and sends the written details via e-mail to me at     I will send the dreamer a CD with an oral analysis of their dream.

I follow the ethics standards of the (ISAD) International Association for the Study of Dreams. IASD supports an approach to dream work that respects the dreamer’s dignity and integrity, recognizing the dreamer as the decision-maker regarding the significance of the dream. Analysis of dream work that assigns authority or knowledge of the dream’s meaning to someone other than the dreamer can be incorrect and misleading. Ethical “dream work” helps the dreamer work with his or her dream images, feelings, and associations and guides the dreamer to more fully appreciate and understand the dream. Because each dream may have multiple meanings, I use different techniques to touch these multiple layers of the dream. Only the dreamer can decide if the analysis resonates with his or her experience.

There are social, cultural and transpersonal aspects to dream experiences. I take my dream work seriously and honor your communication of the dream. My analysis of your dream is only a guideline – you are the dreamer.

Fee- Dream Analysis -$200.00 U.S. dollars per dream.