Clear your Hidden Blocks to Healing – with AIT!

Hurry, there are only a few spots left with Amy Berkeley, MSW and her colleague Kate Thierry’s course in healing oneself. Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) can clear your negative beliefs about healing and create a sttrong foundation for your own healing. This online course is currently being given in a group setting rather than in individual therapy sessions which enables the facilitators to clear blockages more quickly. I have known Amy for over 20 years and have seen her facilitate her clients healing as she evolves and grows into the amazing woman she has become. Amy has “walked her talk”on a daily basis and knows what it is to heal from within, through hard work and insightful therapy. She is a gentle, loving soul, filled with the wisdom of her experience and the knowingness of her intuition. You will ot be disappointed. I do not personally know her colleague Kate but knowing Amy she has chosen a gifted partner in her endeavor. I higly recommend this safe therapeutic environment to anyone who cannot seem to release the wounds that stifle the healing of their own stuck energy or trauma. Amy can be reached at: Amy and Kate are both on Facebook for your...

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