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My name is Susan Stockton and I consider myself to be a Lightrunner™.  In the nearly three decades of studying psychic development, I have been using my gifts as a medium to help clients throughout the world develop the soul journey they have chosen. I provide each client with a representation of their timeline —past, present and future.

I channel your energy into my consciousness. While I may work with you in person, I can also do a reading long distance – using your voice, name, photo or handwriting. Once I am tuned in, I will present information from your Spirit guides, the angels and departed loved ones. This information will be unique to your journey and is designed for the progression of your soul, as you follow your chosen path. The individual information is a tool for your personal growth and the illumination of your shadow.

I will provide guidance to support your decisions about relationships, health, career, finances and more. Your reading will be recorded on a CD so you can listen to it over and over as life reveals itself to you. I offer psychic readings, seminars and local events and have a Blog to connect with others via the Internet. Please check out the rest of my Web site and when you are ready, I would love to get started helping you with your unique journey.


  1. Hi Susan!!
    How are you?
    I changed my name back to my maiden name
    I have been working as a cancer researcher , and I am now in TN. I live with my mom and my two sons come visit often
    You told me to follow the research path many, many, years ago, and as you can see my research has contributed to the
    progress and development of new cancer therapies.
    You said that I would go back to school and work with DNA and radioactivity.. and this was right on!! My dissertation dealt with DNA labeled with radioactive phosphorus; it still amazes me your clarity of vision.
    Big hug

    • Hi Vicky,

      How wonderful to hear from you as I have thought of you and your family many times. I will answer you privately so I can catch up with your life. However I wanted to let you know that I appreciate you finding my website. Give your children my love. Blessings, Susan

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