The Way of a Seer~ Kairos

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The Way of a Seer~ Kairos


Amid all the frustration I learned painfully that I needed to let go and flow with the river rather than swim upstream. We all know what it feels like to move effortlessly forward without obstacles, it is like floating with the current of a river, or riding a wave in the ocean.

This begins to happen as we release our inner resistance based on fear and become in sync with the energy flow of the Universe around us. It is as Eckhart Tolle describes in his book, “The Power of Now.”

Resistance breeds new difficulties at every turn; in my earlier years it became a game of my strength and endurance as I kept pushing against, rather than with the energy flow. Old patterns within us and outside influences of the environment (i.e., no time, no money no partner, no access, no education) reflect like a mirror upon us guaranteeing more resistance leaving us with fearful negative feelings and an overall lack of trust in ourselves and the Universe. Trust is a difficult issue for many of us. We have been disappointed so many times in life, we find it hard to trust our partners, our lovers, and our boss, let alone the Universe.

“Letting go” means moving with the energy flow, flowing with the river and not emotionally investing in the outcome of a desired effect. That is a difficult thing to do as the “Course of Miracles” teaches us we are paralyzed by fear rather than love. The irony of life is that when we “let go” of a person, a desire, a place or or a job and pay attention to our selves, everyone around us responds in a different manner and things fall into place. To quote my dear friend Caroline,” if it is not “easy peasy” let it go!

The hardest thing about the wonderful things you hear in a “reading” are the wanting of them in the “now”. However, in a quote attributed to the writings of King Solomon; “to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:) (King James version)

Divine timing or the right time divinely inspired, or what the ancient Greeks called Kairos, meaning the right or opportune moment in time is a concept we have all experienced. It is a moment when time stands still whether we are quiet in illness or active in the physical. It is the moment in love when we forget about time as we embrace our beloved; it flows when we are in a creative endeavor, painting, or writing, playing a musical instrument or conquering an intellectual challenge, mathematical or scientific, or simply running or swimming.

In Greek mythology Kairos was the youngest child of the God Zeus. The original allegoric statue sculpted by Lysippos of Kairosis beautiful, and we know that beauty is always opportune. The naked Kairos has a tuft of hair streaming from the front of his head representing the fleeting moment taken before it flies away. That is illustrated by the fact that the back of the head is bald signifying that the moment when gone cannot be grasped from behind. The wings on his feet represent how swiftly Kairos time passes. In his right hand he holds a razor letting all know that Kairos has the sharpest edge.

Bas-relief Kairos

Bas-relief Kairos

Kairos in our lives is the perfect moment in the divine sense. Kairos is qualitative time, it cannot be measured; it is the right thing at the right time, when the person is ready for the event. At this moment we must simply be available in the “now” and open to all that Spirit has to offer. This is the art of “allowing.” Jerry and Ester Hicks speak of this through Abraham so eloquently in their life’s work on the  laws of the Universe in their classic book, “The Law of Attraction; The Basic Teachings of Abraham.”

Letting go of attachment allows us to surrender to all that comes our way.  If we allow ourselves to be wrapped in a cocoon by the will of the Universe and detach from the outcome of our desires embracing trust, all will be shown to us in increments one step at a time.

Chronos (also written Kronos) unlike Kairos is measurable and deals with quantitative time like the clocks and calendars we so faithfully follow. It is time that is sequential or what we know as linear time.  In Chronos, the event will not happen, but at the moment of Kairos, the opportune moment, the right event occurs. Divine timing/Kairos is the perfect blending of a set of circumstances; ideas, geography, events and the karma of all involved parties and aspects of a particular situation.

So think about all that you have been foretold in your readings and know that the events cannot always be marked by Chronos time but will occur at exactly the right moment in Divine Time, that Kairos(opportunity) intersects with Chronos and works its magic.


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