The Way of a Seer~Comments Please

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The Way of a Seer~Comments Please


Please send me comments whether you are a new client or an old friend. As some of you know I have moved from Virginia into my house in Arizona and I am settling into the Southwest lifestyle. Spending a summer in the desert when all who can afford to leave for eight weeks, do, I am enduring the heat by spending most of my time in the swimming pool. Freckle faced and suntanned for once in my life, I am in the desert doing what I love best, my “readings,” and following Spirit.

I want to write about the subjects that bring me joy and to explore metaphysical questions we so often ponder.  I invite your input and will share with you my thoughts and abilities as we start a dialogue of metaphysical musings.

My expertise lies in my readings and my dream experience. Initially I want to do a series of comments on “Understanding your Readings” and invite you to share your experiences.

Psychic visions, mine and yours, can be used as tools to gain insights along the pathway, and to break the patterns that block light to the soul and limit our joys.  Used in conjunction with thoughtful meditation, the results can be quite dramatic.

Join me for an adventure within!


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