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Silence is my route to knowingness. I relish the moments of silence that I am able to garner every day. A day without silence exhausts me. In silence, I connect with my being-ness. All existence, everything that is, all matter and energy, all thought is contained within silence. When I return home from doing my chores around town, I do not turn on the television, the radio or connect with the computer or telephone because I need silence. Sometimes I sit or read in silence. My silence is not mediation where I let all thought go as I do in the early morning hours. In the silence of my home, there is some sound as I listen to the indoor noises as the fan whizzes and the air conditioner turns on, or simply the beating of my own heart. The clink of the ice in a cup or the whistle of the teakettle acknowledge that  I am ready for tea. These are the sounds of my home and are always there, but I am silent.

The outdoor sounds of the wee rabbits in my garden scurrying about or the slurry of misted water mixed with sand from my garden and the whir of the warm dessert wind are such lovely echoes in what otherwise I construe as silence.

The start of a car motor, the opening of a mailbox and the whine of the gardener’s hedge clippers are outside sounds that sometimes drift indoors piercing my silence. Still, within I am silent.

I love my friends and their chatter, my swimming buddies and their splashes and kicks in the water and I miss them when I am silent too long. I cherish my telephone and Skype connections and the voices of all my family, friends and clients. I love social media and yet when the day is done, I retreat to the silence of reading a good book. If I need sound, I break the silence by watching television shows that I have pre-selected with my special interest of art films and foreign films. Or simply series like “House of Cards” or “Breaking Bad” that  I have missed in the past.

Silence is where I process the occurrences of my day, lay my plans for action and synthesize the information that I have learned.

Silence becomes my life. It is my haven, my solace and my companion. Without a bit of silence each day my nerves would unravel and my soul would bellow with displeasure.




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