Memory Gems

Vintage Carved Jade Pendant The gentleman peered at me through the glass. He asked the proprietor to take me out of the jewelry case. He took me in his hands and carefully examined the curved indentations carved on my body. He studied the gold that encased my teardrop figure. The man looked like he could afford me although he was young. I thouoght he was handsome too. He asked, “Is this gold?” and the shop keeper replied, “Yes, a lovely old piece. Any Jade lover would be thrilled to own such a piece of art.” It didn’t take the man long to decide that the woman he loved would cherish this gift. I later heard my new mistress tell her sister, that the man had used his first paycheck as a new lawyer to purchase me in 1981. I was flattered that he spent so much on me. I am sure my mistress was too. He told the shopowner that I was for the woman who would be his wife and she deserved a bit of luxury. Mmm. I wonder if she will admire me like the gentleman does. The man paid without hesitation and I was wrapped in fancy paper and put into a small box. The gentleman gave me to his lady after they shared a special dinner that evening. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her telling her that he had a present for her. Gingerly, she opened the box she had taken from from him and with her eyes wide open, she squealed with delight when she saw me. She held me in her hands and touched me all over my small body. She reached upward on her toes to touch the tall man’s face, “Oh darling, this Jade pendant is so beautiful. Look at the intricate carvings.The shades of green are amazing. It looks vintage.” My new mistress was thrilled. I could feel her love immediately. She held his hand and said, “Sweetheart, this is too expensive, but I love it.” She went into the other room and found a delicate gold chain in her jewelry box and attached me to it. The man closed the clasp around her neck and she scurried to a large mirror in the hallway to admire me. I felt cherished and beautiful. The man smiled at me knowing that he had chosen for the perfect gift for her. Now I have been with my mistress for thirty-nine years and she has cherished me in many settings the world over. She is telling my story because she has bequeathed me and the jade earrings, the man also purchased for her, to her daughter Sheila. Hopefully, I will...

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